Kaiser Antonino and Guest Artists


Arbeitsort der Kompanie/des Tanzschaffenden: Duisburg / Tel Aviv

Beschreibung der künstlerischen Arbeit:

Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino are artists in residence in the city of Duisburg
Since 2002 Kaiser and Antonino created  10 group pieces and 2 duets, coproduced and presented in Germany, Italy, Poland, USA, Canada,Turkey, Austria, Israel, Belgium.
They direct the dance atelier The Roof-TanzRaum in Duisburg Germany where different artistic disciplines confront the art of movement and recently started a parallel activity in
Tel Aviv Israel.

“They dance with an almost mystic connection between them. On the dance floor they seem almost as one being. A wave of motion that takes the viewer along a joint journey of a boundary breaking experience. Two dancers, two men, two body languages projecting power and freedom, a visual dialog that connects all possible artistic media. Their movements are always influenced by the “now” that they find themselves in, by the connection between the reality that surrounds them and influences them and inspiration taken from mythical and classical art. Each one brings a unique and body culture typical to him, but the joint dialogue of dance between them transforms the pair into one strong, homogenous being. After endless productions across all continents, from Europe to Canada and the States, from the stages of eastern Europe to dance workshops in Africa, they travel from place to place, study, soak up inspiration and cast their impressions into their work”.   Art Curator – Doron Polak August 2012.

Arbeiten (Stücke) oder Arbeitsschwerpunkt der letzten Jahre:

Wald Variationen – Premiere November 10th 2012, Mulheim an der Ruhr- a piece for 3 dancers, an acrobat, an actor, a soprano and flute musician.

Carre 18 – Premiere November 12th 2011 Krefeld – a piece for 4 dancers

AT YOUR PLACE – A worldwide site specific dance project.
The curiosity to explore alternative ways to perform brought Avi Kaiser and Sergio Antonino to create At Your Place.
This project has the intention to avoid the theatrical system and its way of functioning. It comes as close as possible to the people who are interested in movement as a form of expression. It is performed in apartments, art galleries or any possible suggested space, where among four walls a precious intimacy is reached, where the conventional distance between public and dancers is abolished and the space of showing and watching becomes one. This Duet has been presented in the frame of Ruhr 2010, and has been shown already in more than 25 countries.

Kontaktdaten Kompanie/Tanzschaffender/Management:
Avi Kaiser Sergio Antonino, The Roof – TanzRaum
Springwall 4
D 47051 Duisburg,Germany
Tel. 0203-3467984
++ 972 525822251

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